The four-story structure, originally constructed in 1876, was completely restored including removal and reconstruction of the building’s north wing. In addition, the monumental wood stair was replaced with a new steel-framed stair. The building will continue to provide administrative services for the entire College.


  • Additions bear on expansive shales, thus pyritic protection was employed into the project
  • Existing bell tower stairs were replaced with new steel stair tower framing serving all four floors
  • The center section of eastwing roof was removed and replaced in order to stabilize the deteriorated framing
  • Removed portions of the wood floor framing within the existing building to align floors

Built in 1876 for the first college founded by the Church of the Brethren, Founders Hall has served as the symbol to the “Legacy of Learning” at Juniata College. The project revitalizes and modernizes this historic symbol. The building is a four-story wood-framed and bearing wall structure, which serves administrative functions for the College. Since the early 1980s, the top two floors of the building have been closed due to accessibility and safety concerns. The north and east additions compliment and enrich the building’s appearance. The entire existing north wing was removed along with the eastern stair tower (which was not an original part of the building). The new four-story 15,000 square-foot north-wing addition expands on the size of the existing structure, align all of the floor elevations, and enhances the building’s exterior architectural appearance. The addition utilizes pre-cast concrete planks (with a concrete topping slab) supported by a combination of steel beam/columns and reinforced masonry bearing and shear walls. The four-story 1,200 square-foot east addition is wood framed with steel beams and reinforced masonry bearing walls and creates lounge areas at each floor and covers the existing building façade, which abuts the removed stair. Lastly, each addition connects into the existing structure. As such, the new north-wing addition was reinforced to laterally stabilize the new and existing structures in the north-south direction.

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