The Center serves as the University’s primary academic structure and was constructed on an urban site. The multipurpose building includes 16 stories and 371,000 square feet of state-of-the art classroom space, scientific teaching labs, meeting areas, seminar rooms, 380 parking stalls, and a 125-seat auditorium.


  • A structural steel system was utilized on the project to accommodate the construction sequence and schedule.
  • The 125-seat tiered auditorium is located on the 14th floor, which provides an spacious presence for the students and lecturer.
  • The lateral bracing system combines a two-story steel x-bracing at the parking and retails levels with a steel moment frames at the academic levels.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is the only private, science and technology-focused comprehensive university located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The Academic Center includes a 16-story mixed-use high-rise structure with primary functions that include; 2 levels of retail/office, 7 levels of parking, 5 levels of shell office/institutional learning and a mechanical penthouse level. The typical floor-to-floor dimension is 10-feet at the parking levels, and 14-feet at the institutional and mechanical levels. The foundations utilized drilled concrete caissons with bedrock sockets. Since the new building columns are adjacent to an existing building, cantilevered concrete grade beams were required to transfer the column loads to within the building footprint. To accelerate the construction schedule, a steel-framed structure was selected over similar type concrete systems. Unshored composite steel beams and girders with concrete slabs on composite galvanized steel deck were specified for the institutional, mechanical and retail floors. Unshored composite steel beams and girders on 6” formed reinforced concrete slabs (no permanent deck forms) were specified at the parking levels. Steel braced frames were specified as the lateral bracing system for the structure due to their cost effectiveness, plus minimizing drift due to external lateral forces.

Full Exterior 15th Floor Tiered Auditorium Perimeter Two-Story Brace Frame Braced Frame Base Plate 15th Floor Curved Exterior Wall Framing

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