Founded in 1872, the Colleges serve the higher education needs of Central West Virginia and has gained wide recognition for teaching excellence. The project included the complete restoration of the Alan B. Mollohan Campus Community Center, which serves as the College’s hub for student and community activities.


  • The new monumental stair and elevator tower provides the central entrance to the building’s sloping site.
  • New steel truss nested within the existing 80-foot long steel roof joists to support a new 60-foot long moveable partition.
  • Deteriorated western façade was restored with an exposed galvanized steel and storefront façade.
  • The exposed curved steel stair provides centralized circulation between the 2nd and 3rd Floors.

The project included a 50,000 square-feet, four-level facility completely renovated into a state-of the art student union facility. The existing structure was originally constructed in 1954 with a major addition completed in 1958. Prior to this project, no significant renovations had been completed to the building since its construction. Since the building is located on a significant hillside, entrances are located on three levels. Building circulation was significantly improved by the installation of a new elevator as well as extensive stair modifications. A curved monumental stair was constructed in the new central atrium area and structural steel canopies accents these entrances. The existing upper level contains an expansive ballroom. The design incorporated a new 60-foot long moveable partition. In order to not disturb the existing 80-foot long existing steel joists, a new steel truss was designed to support the new partition. On the exterior, the existing western curtain wall façade was replaced with an elaborately designed exposed structural steel and storefront fenestration. The exterior renovations and canopies maintained a theme of exposed galvanized structural steel framing utilized throughout the interior of the building.

Main Entrance Tower Lower Entrance Renovations Freestanding Spiral Steel Stairs Main Entrance (Interior View) Renovated West Elevation

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