Two-story 6,200 square-foot bank operations center located near the Ohio River performed in a design-build format. The facility not only provides retail banking services on the first floor, it also provides space for back-office operations, conference rooms, a board room and rental property on the second floor.


  • 10-feet of sub-standard soil below building was removed and compacted fill was installed in lifts to support shallow reinforced concrete foundation sy
  • Framing includes prefabricated wood roof trusses and engineered wood I-beam floor joists.
  • Reinforced masonry stair towers serve as lateral bracing system.
  • High-density filing system supported by closely spaced engineered wood floor joists.

Home Federal Savings and Loan has been serving its community and the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia area since 1889. The project would be a large venture and the bank was unsure whether to consider renovation and additions to the existing office, or to demolish the building and construct a new main office on the adjoining property. The design-build team assisted in researching the options by considering both current and long-term needs. After weighing both options, the bank decided to build a new main office. Prior to initiation of any construction, 10-feet of soil was removed below the proposed structure and controlled compacted engineered fill was installed in lifts. The two-story 6,200 square-foot structure includes a combination of reinforced masonry shear walls, steel beams and columns, exterior wood bearing walls and engineered wood floor and roof framing.

Completed Main Entance Elevation Bank Teller Area

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