South Franklin Circle is a culmination of many building styles and retirement lifestyles. The project is sponsored by Judson, which has been providing similar projects throughout the Cleveland area for 20 years.


  • Constructed on a 90-acre wooded site with over 320 total housing units
  • Concrete-framed underground parking is located below the housing units
  • The community center features an indoor natatorium, restaurants, storefronts, meeting spaces, art/ classrooms, and a fitness center
  • Community Center features an indoor natatorium, restaurants, storefronts, meeting spaces, art/classrooms, and fitness center.
  • The assisted living building utilizes reinforced masonry bearing walls supporting prestressed hollow-core floor slabs

The assisted living building is a new 3-story structure. Typical floor structure is comprised of hollow-core precast slab bearing on interior and exterior masonry bearing walls. Roof framing is comprised of light steel trusses supported on masonry bearing walls. The housing units are single-story cottage and garden homes and two-story townhouses. Single-story home construction is comprised of wood roof trusses/joists supported on interior load-bearing (wood) walls/steel beams and posts, and on exterior load-bearing (wood) walls. Townhouse floor construction is comprised of wood floor joists (TJI) supported on interior wood beams and exterior load-bearing (wood) walls. Townhouse roof construction is comprised primarily of sloped wood rafters, framing into wood trusses or exterior bearing walls. The wood trusses frame into bearing walls or steel posts. The three-story 80,000-square-foot community center includes a fitness center, indoor natatorium, dining and club rooms, learning center, theater/auditorium and nine independent living units. The facility was designed with a partial basement to accommodate a significant change in grade around the building perimeter. Steel columns and beams supported concrete floor slabs on metal deck as well as providing the lateral resisting system utilizing steel moment frames. The roof structure utilizes cold-formed steel joists and trusses bearing on the third floor construction. The pool structure consists of one-story, three-dimensional steel roof trusses with a clerestory centered and supported by the roof structure. The independent living buildings (a total of nine) are unique 3-story wood-framed structures (trusses, truss joists, and bearing walls) supported by a concrete flat plate floor construction and basements where underground parking is located. Tunnels and/or pedestrian bridges connect all nine buildings.

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