Three-level 500-stall post-tensioned concrete parking garage located adjacent to the Great Lakes Science Center. The top level of the structure has a green roof. Since the Science Center and garage are located adjacent to North Coast Harbor, augercast pile were provided as the foundation system.


  • 6-inch post-tensioned one-way concrete slab spans 25 1/2-feet between post-tensioned beams
  • Typical post-tensioned beams span 60-feet
  • Precast concrete facade panels utilized at all exposed elevations
  • Roof structure supports up to 36-inches of soil

The Great Lakes Science Center is one of America’s largest interactive science museums. In addition, Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum and Cleveland Browns Stadium. The 500-stall post-tensioned parking structure proudly serves all three attractions. The structure utilizes 6 inch thick one-way slabs and 36 inch deep one-way beam (spanning 62-feet) supported by cast-in-place concrete columns spaced 25 1/2-feet apart. Since portions of the garage are below grade, cast-in-place concrete retaining walls occur on two sides which retain the lateral earth pressure. The “green” roof plaza structure supports 24- to 36-inches of soil. The plaza serves as exterior exhibits for the Science Center during summer months. Lastly, the garage structure is supported by 100-ton augercast concrete pile groups located below each column and the continuous retaining wall footings.

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