Two-level 175-stall two-way posttensioned concrete parking garage located within the Enterprise Place office complex. The appearance of the garage’s exposed concrete walls was developed in a similar context with the adjacent building. Stalls are leased at the lower garage level, which is enclosed and heated.


  • Direct access is provided between the garage and the office building
  • Concrete columns with tapered capitals, spaced at 30-foot intervals, support the 11-inch thick two-way post-tensioned slab
  • Structure’s top level is designed to support largest local fire vehicle
  • The façade is cast-in-place concrete designed to match the appearance of the precast concrete façade office building

Enterprise Place is a Class A office complex located within an eastern Cleveland suburb and designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm, The Architects Collaborative. The Goldberg Companies and Forest City Enterprises jointly own and operate the facility. The parking deck is a two-way, post-tensioned concrete flat-slab structure. The owner/ manager wanted to free a portion of the parking lot to allow adding a free-standing restaurant, and simultaneously, add an enclosed heated parking garage for the executive office building, while maintaining the complex’s total available number of spaces. To provide direct access to the office building from the enclosed garage, the deck was located adjacent to the rear of the office building. The owner also wanted to minimize the appearance of the garage, which was accomplished by sloping the facility and burying the west end and landscaping the north side. This makes it “invisible” from the public access side of the site and adjacent properties. The south and east facades are constructed of cast-in-place concrete finished to match the office tower precast panels. The garage site layout and configuration required the top deck to be designed to support the largest city fire equipment. Cement replacement materials were utilized to minimize maintenance and provide an extended lifetime.

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