One-story slab-on-grade structure


  • 35,000 square feet
  • Parking spaces for 150-170 vehicles
  • Central core of the building is a high-bay atrium-like structure

A new 35,000-sq.-ft. Cuyahoga County Branch Library with parking spaces for 150-170 vehicles. This modern building replaced an older, undersized and underutilized facility in the rapidly growing community of Strongsville, Ohio. The new facility embraced current computer technology in a very user-friendly environment. It is a one-story, slab-on-grade structure consisting of composite masonry exterior bearing walls and an internal steel frame and bar joist system. The central core of the building is a high-bay atrium-like structure. The main entrance incorporated an octagonal-shaped roof structure utilizing light-gauge metal roof trusses. Similar light-gauge trusses, one-half octagonal-shaped roof structures, were developed at each end of the high atrium bay.

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