A community arts center


  • 36,000 sq. ft.
  • 750-seat auditorium
  • special acoustic environment
  • horseshoe-spaped seating configuration

The 36,000-square-foot community arts center accommodates a 750-seat proscenium theatre, a rehearsal hall, dance studio, a range of stage and performer support spaces, a classroom, and an event lobby that will also serve as a gallery space. The main octagon-shaped theatre and stage house massing are red-brick masonry, while the Education Wing and Rehearsal Hall volumes are clad in white clapboard and wood panels. The elliptical form of the lobby links these distinct elements and provides natural light throughout the day. The walls of the octagon-shaped auditorium are constructed using reinforced structural clay tile, which also serves as shear walls. The roof of the octagon is steel framed using a compression ring at the high point and a tension ring around the eave or roof low point.

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