Addition and Renovations


  • Features a two-story grand reading room
  • Features a grand staircase for vertical circulation
  • Multi-level roof construction with two skylights

Demolition & Foundations: The library addition encompassed two existing structures that were demolished prior to the start of construction. Underpinning of the existing structure was required for the construction of the addition, and shale bearing requirements provided additional foundation challenges. New ramp construction was required within the existing library basement. Gravity & Wall Systems: The floor system for the library was constructed of composite steel beams and composite deck, which maximized the amount of open floor space. K-series and LH-series joists frame the roof structure, bearing on either structural steel beams or masonry walls. The primary wall construction is non-bearing and makes use of brick masonry and cast stone accents with concrete block for backup. Additional steel framing has been provided for upper level masonry wall construction. Lateral System: The addition’s lateral system is braced frame construction, which makes use of both WT and HSS sections. Braced frames have been strategically placed throughout the building plan in order to minimize torsional loading on the building. The lateral system also makes use of the existing construction, accounting for the resistance of the existing masonry walls. Barber & Hoffman developed specific details to ensure proper interaction between the new and existing structures, since there is no expansion joint between the structures.

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