Ongoing restoration efforts have been focused on investigating areas of cracking of the terra-cotta cladding induced by corrosion of underlying structural steel. Investigative openings and remedial measures have been developed and implemented. Repair documents, drawings, details, and specifications have been developed and updated periodically.


  • In an effort to control costs for the Owner, various materials have been researched and implemented throughout the facade repairs, including:
  • Authentic terra-cotta
  • Micro-Cotta
  • Fiberglass panels
  • Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

The B. F. Keith Building was at one time the tallest structure between New and Chicago. This beautiful 22-story, steel frame, terra cotta and brick masonry faced building is the jewel of the theater district of Cleveland. The Palace Theater and its ostentatious lobby are on the lowest level of the building, while the upper levels are offices. The construction of the building was completed in 1923. Barber & Hoffman first investigated distress on the facade of this building in the late 1980’s. Our work with the building manager has continued from that time as budgeting of construction costs have allowed. In the Year 2000, Barber & Hoffman was commissioned to convert the building elevation drawings to AutoCAD electronic format and incorporate repairs made each year in layered fashion for easy historical reference of repairs. This documentation allows the Owner to present to potential financiers and potential purchasers an accurate history of repairs made to the building.

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