New Cedar Elementary School was completed for the Canton City School District in Canton, Ohio, as part of a statewide new school construction program. The new school building was opened in January 2002, and replaced the original Cedar Elementary. The school building is organized into an approximate L-shape. The west wing houses a two-story classroom area, while the north wing contains the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and mechanical areas. The administration area is located under a low roof area at the intersection of the L-shape, near the main entrance. A two-story tower highlights the main entrance. The classroom area structure is constructed of exterior masonry bearing walls, interior steel support beams and columns, and light-gauge metal roof trusses. The structure utilizes both hip and gable roof construction. The floor system is reinforced concrete slab placed on metal form deck that is supported on steel joists. The gymnasium is framed from bearing wall to bearing wall with architecturally exposed structural steel trusses comprised of WT shapes. The cafeteria is a column-free space that also features architecturally exposed structural steel. The lateral support structure is provided by the exterior masonry bearing walls.

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