The BC3 Student Success Center provides a central location for student activities including spaces for the bookstore, counseling areas, and meeting spaces.


  • The sunshade system is supported by exposed steel framing at the southern “public entrance”.
  • A two-story entry area with monumental stair.
  • Indoor/Outdoor stone fireplace within the student lounge.

Butler County Community College (BC3) has been dedicated to providing affordable and accessible education, training and enrichment opportunities since 1965. The College is committed to fostering a supportive student-centered environment for learning. The Student Success Center is a two-story 34,500 square-foot building centrally located in the heart of campus. The Center consolidates student support services for the College including; admissions, registration, financial aid, the campus bookstore, student activities and a student lounge. The structure combines prefabricated wood roof trusses, steel-framing with concrete floor slabs, steel columns, and reinforced masonry bearing walls supported on shallow foundations. The lower level foundations were designed to resist unbalanced earth pressures.

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