A new 4-story County Office Building


  • 85,000 sq. ft.
  • Connecting pedestrian bridge
  • First level partially enclosed parking
  • Design-build

The county needed a new centrally located office space for several county departments. The project was made possible by the innovative approach of a design-build method which was contractor financed. This allowed the local urban renewal agency to construct this building, which could not have occurred with conventional design/bid/build parameters. The building was constructed on an urban brown-field site (a former department store), which involved dealing with poor existing backfill and original foundations that had been left in place. Additionally, portions of the old basement wall supported city utilities along the street front – all of which needed to remain in service during construction. To allow economical foundations to be built, in-place backfill was removed en-masse and then airdried to optimum moisture levels and replaced and compacted. The grade level of the building is secure covered parking. The parking requirement complicated the location of building columns and clearances to allow vehicle circulation. Floor design included general office loadings and also large assembly and training rooms. The building also required multiple vertical circulation cores to separate public and private entrances. A connecting enclosed bridge provides employee circulation between the two county service buildings.

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