A 7-story precast concrete parking garage. Approximately 192,000-square-foot parking facility with parking for 735 vehicles.


  • Multi-year repair program developed to extend the service life of the parking garage while keeping within Owner’s operational and budget constraints
  • Project required extensive coordination between Owner and contractor to maintain garage operations at all times
  • Planning and placement of the extensive shoring was necessary for the floor repairs and was critical to maintaining traffic flow through work areas

A seven-story precast concrete parking garage (approximately 735 cars) undergoing extensive spalling, delamination and water leakage of the floor slab system. Repairs consisted of full-depth removal of spalled and delaminated concrete topping and precast concrete double tee flanges. Removal and replacement of existing tee-to-tee joint sealant. Removal and replacement of damaged and deterioration expansion joints. Preparation and recoating of the existing vehicular traffic membrane system as performed. Some excerpts have been taken from the ICRI Concrete Repair Bulletin; dated May/June 2008. “Because there is limited surface area parking for visitor; patients; and employees; the parking garage is a necessity and could not be closed for repairs. It was difficult repairing the lower two levels while traffic was through the construction area to the upper floors of the structure. Another major construction challenge was constructing scaffolding to proved adequate support while not interfering with traffic flow.” Construction repair work and sequencing was extremely challenging. Accordingly, Barber & Hoffman personnel worked closely with the Contractor to expedite repairs to the project.

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