Complete renovation and historic preservation of Lawnfield Estate to its 1888 grandeur.


  • Renovated to comply with current ADA requirements
  • 29-room, three-story mansion
  • Wood structure
  • Carriage House transformed to a Visitors’ Center

President James A. Garfield was the 20th President of the United States of America. His Lawnfield Estate is a 29-room, three-story mansion, carriage house with stables, a separate office for speeches, and a windmill. The National Park Service authorized the renovation and historic preservation of Lawnfield in a tribute to the former President. The first phase of the project was a $3.5 million transformation of the carriage house to a visitors’ center and offices for its staff. The second phase included the careful but methodical $9.5 million renovation of the existing mansion’s wood structure to its 1888 grandeur. The structural restorations included: · Complete documentation of the existing structures for historical purposes. · Underpinning existing stone foundations for frost protection. · Reinforcement of existing wood structure to accommodate current load requirements. Some of the first floor framing was carefully “jacked-up” to eliminate long-term creep deflection. · Reinforcement of deteriorated wood structure. Structural modifications were required to renovate the building to comply with current ADA requirements.

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