The condominium associated retained Barber & Hoffman services to assess and impliment the renovation program to the 3-story parking garage including a plaza level and two stories of underground parking.


  • Preliminary consultation and repairs since 2006
  • Year 1 of 5-year repair project completed in 2008
  • Project required coordinating and maintaining access to Pier W Restaurant patrons and suppliers
  • Project required coordinating and maintaining access to the below- grade parking garage at all times

The project included investigation and repairs to the plaza level and two below grade parking garage levels. A multi-year repair program was developed based on the Owner’s operational and budget constraints. The project included structural repairs to the two-way flat slabs of the parking garage, as well a plan to redo the traffic patterns, the landscaping and the lighting on the plaza level. Work performed during the 2008 construction year included: removal of the existing plaza level asphaltic, wearing course; removal of the existing waterproofing membrane located over the underground parking garage. Concrete repairs were performed to the top surface of the garages structural slab. A new state-of-the-art liquid applied waterproofing membrane and protection course was applied to the structural roof slab of the underground parking garage. The deteriorated steel access stairs that provide ingress and egress from the underground parking garage were removed and replaced. New drains were added to the structural slab. The existing surface lot located to the south of the underground parking garage was removed, a new base installed. New concrete curbs were installed to redefine the existing landscape areas on the plaza level and to define a new entrance boulevard to streamline the flow of traffic to the underground parking garage and to the Pier W Restaurant and new asphalt paving was installed to provide a wearing course and proper drainage to the plaza level. The asphalt wearing course of the existing access roads to the underground parking garage and the west surface lot of the Winton Place were removed and replaced. New concrete curbs were installed. The West Parking lot asphalt was partially removed and replaced.

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