The Plain Dealer is the largest newspaper in Cleveland, OH. Its 500 stall parking garage is essential to the employees of their downtown operations. The project included a condition survey followed by construction documents to provide repairs to the 3-level 240,000 square foot precast concrete parking garage.


  • The parking garage accommodates approximately 500 cars
  • The renovation was performed in three phases over a one-year period
  • Over one-half of the facility remained operational for employee parking at all times throughout construction
  • Additional upgrades included key card access for security, mechanical systems for ventilation, and additional lighting

This project involved restoring a 240,000-square-foot parking facility. Following a site inspection and condition survey, construction documents and specifications were developed for the repair of the concrete-framed structure and facade. The repairs were made to structural components including precast concrete beams, double-tees and columns. Additional repairs were made to the facade which included concrete masonry walls and precast concrete wall panels. After the structural repairs were completed, the existing concrete topping slab on the second and third levels was removed allowing for the installation of a waterproofing membrane, followed by a new concrete topping. As the prime consultant, Barber & Hoffman was also responsible for hiring sub-consultants to upgrade the four stair towers for safety, including the installation of cabinet heaters, slip-resistant stair nosings, and reconstructed floor landings which eliminated the minor offset in floor elevations with the parking levels. Mechanical systems were also upgraded to provide updated code-prescribed ventilation. New key-card systems and additional lighting were installed for increased security. At the request of the Plain Dealer, over half of the parking garage was to be utilized for parking by employees at any given time. Therefore, the construction schedule was broken into 3 phases and extended over a period of one year.

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