Five-level 400-stall one-way posttensioned concrete parking garage is located along the east side of campus and adjacent to Cleveland’s “Inner Belt Highway”. The garage’s pedestrian bridge provides a direct connection to the adjacent Recreation Center.


  • 7-inch post-tensioned one-way slabs span 25 1/2-feet
  • 36-inch deep post-tensioned concrete beams span 62-feet
  • The garage’s brick pier, metal panel and glass curtain wall façade compliments the architecture of the Recreation Center
  • Met University intent of passive security through open feel use of glass, while screening cars from the street

Cleveland State University is a metropolitan campus located in the heart of downtown Cleveland. This public educational institution offers affordable quality academic programs with more than 200 major fields of study for approximately 16,000 students. Quality parking is important in the University’s success and was a key component in the selection for this project. The parking garage is a 5-level 400-stall concrete structure with post-tensioned slabs supported from post-tensioned beams framing in to reinforced cast-in-place concrete columns. Since the garage was strategically located between the University’s historic Mather Mansion, the Physical Education Building, the Recreation Center and the depressed “Inner Belt” Expressway, the project required unique foundation and construction coordination. The garage also includes a pedestrian bridge, which connects the garage to the adjacent Recreation Center. The bridge structure is steel-framed with concrete slab supported with composite steel deck. A pair of architecturally exposed hollow rectangular steel trusses provide the main structural support, which in turn are supported from the garage, the Recreation Center and from a single steel column located between the ends of the bridge.

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