A three-story steel-framed structure


  • Maintaining theater operations, including performances, during construction
  • Matching tight floor-to-floor heights
  • Grand entryway as building’s focal point

The renovation and addition to the existing Clemens Center was undertaken to upgrade the existing theater and create a grand entryway as the building’s focal point. The main addition is a three-story steel-framed structure creating a new upper and lower lobby, administrative offices, and a social room. Two one-story bearing wall and steel structures provide space for ticket sales and offices. Spread footings, on engineered fill, were used for the foundation system. Constraints of existing column locations and limited floor to floor elevations required detailed coordination among all team members. In addition, the theater was required to remain operational during the construction process. The existing steel floor and roof framing was retained and subsequently modified to suit the new structural layout. Existing columns were removed at critical locations and holes provided through new and existing steel floor beams and girders where required for mechanical and electrical services.

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